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Theyskens’ Theory SS 12

Crooked Wisdom Thoughts
Christina Murphy
Shake away your disbeliefs in a rhythm known to God Let the archangels re-route the traffic and change the speed limits There is no knowledge to be found on a dance floor or a highway What is specious is as beautiful as the best Halloween disguise Whatever you choose to believe will haunt you someday and abandon you on others The best of religions is no better than a peanut butter & jelly sandwich when it comes to relieving stress You have the means to design your own mementos for the In Memoriam brochure Knock on the door or the window and wait for the code to be broken Take advantage of the STOP sign to rest before you plunge in You will hear your own laughter and then the traffic will begin again on a road that seems to be melting away
Christina Murphy writes of consciousness as subjective experience, and recent works appear in Hitherto and PTWF?! art by Karen Constance paintings and collage

Fragment of the face of a queen, yellow jasper, c. 1353–1336 B.C. Middle Egypt

Keith Van Nelson at ADAM Models


renata maciel dos santos ~ chloé ss 2000.

sawn + oxidized brass mini

Florence Tétier
"Ask him why he can’t commit.
Ask him.
Ask him how he can say he loves you but not check on you everyday.
Why he can call you in the middle of the night but not first thing in the morning.
Why he can’t say your name without splintering his tongue.
Ask him where he goes after he leaves you.
Who he’s with when he says he’s at home.
Tell him you don’t trust him.
Tell him that he makes you crazy,
that his half assd attempts at security drive you mad.
Tell him.
Tell him that you don’t like the way that loving him makes you feel, that you wake up every morning aching.
Tell him, you hurt more, you sleep less and it always feels like you are too weighty for him.
Ask him why he can’t commit,
why he leaves and returns just when you think you can live without him.
Ask him why he can’t stay,
Why he’s committed to leaving but not committed to you.
Ask him why you never feel like you can ask him these things?
Why he gets to live weightless,
while you live shoulder deep inside him."
Key Ballah, Ask Him  (via keywrites)
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Did this piece for Fight zine. The finished piece has a background but I thought I’d post just the figure. Check out some other great works for the zine here.
“oh the treachery of man”